What do you expect to see in a back to school festival at a department store?  You would think things like school supplies, school bags, colors and so on.  Well, that was the old way of thinking.  Here in Jordan, and based on this photo that I took in one of Amman’s department stores, we have moved the education process forward.  Here, in a back to school festival we sell water pipes (hubbly bubbly).  You see, in Jordan we really know the meaning of “higher” education.



بصراحة الصورة لا تحتاج تعليق وتتحدث عن نفسها.  لكن اذا كنا نروج للارجلية في مهرجان العودة للمدارس هل يمكن ان نتوقع افكار الترويج لموسم الصيف والاجازات!!

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