Back in 8/2012 Jordanian were surprised to see their police force wearing new hats. Check what Araryat had to say about that back then. Today, Jordanian are surprised to see that the police are back to their old hats! It seems that nothing is safe from the corrupt and powerful in Jordan. It is becoming clearer every day that the people in Jordan, and every aspect of Jordanian life, are nothing but a toy to experiment with by the corrupt and powerful. Jordan is becoming a country of lab rats.

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في شهر آب في العام الماضي تفاجئ الشعب الاردني بقبعات جديدة للشرطة. كان لنا في عراريات رأي بخصوص هذه القبعات الجديدة. اليوم نتفاجئ بأن الشرطة عادت للقبعات القديمة. اصبح من الواضح ان الاردن بشعبه وشرطته وجيشه ليس الا مختبرا لاصحاب القرار وارباب الفساد. نعم اليوم نحن لسنا سوى حقل تجارب يستغله اصحاب القرار وارباب الفساد.

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